Storage Service

Storing of goods is required while they are in transit. This can be of the utmost importance if your cargo consists of edible items that should be maintained at an optimum temperature while they are being transported and being shifted. For this purpose, warehouses should be maintained at an optimum temperature.

Storage of items should be done in a place that is safe from being flooded with water and not likely to be attacked by vermin and rats. They can cause a considerable amount of damage to your goods while they are being stored and they are kept in a place.

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The place of storage should be particularly treated with insecticides and pesticides to keep away insects and other pests. It should also be kept free of rats by regularly inspecting the places for them and by spreading rat-poison in these places.

There should be adequate number of fire extinguishers in the palaces of storage so that anyone can fight with fire that comes up. They should be placed at locations that can be easily reached and are not far off from the place of entry and exit into the storage area.

The godowns we have for storing your goods are equipped with the latest of equipments to counter any calamity, you can be sure. they are located at safe locations where you can easily access markets.

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